X-CACHE Magisk Module [Clean All Cache]

X-CACHE Magisk Module


In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a smooth and efficient Android device is essential. Whether you use your smartphone for work, entertainment, or communication, slow performance can be frustrating. However, there’s a solution to optimize your Android experience: the X-CACHE Magisk Module. In this article, we’ll explore what the X-CACHE Magisk Module is, how it works, and how it can enhance your device’s performance.

Understanding the X-CACHE Magisk Module

What is Magisk?

Before diving into the X-CACHE Magisk Module, let’s understand what Magisk is. Magisk is a powerful, open-source rooting solution for Android devices. Unlike traditional rooting methods, Magisk operates systemlessly, meaning it doesn’t modify the system partition. This feature makes it possible to pass SafetyNet checks, allowing users to enjoy root access while still using apps that require a secure device.

Introducing the X-CACHE Magisk Module

The X-CACHE Magisk Module is an add-on for Magisk that aims to enhance your device’s overall performance by intelligently caching data. It leverages the device’s unused RAM to store frequently accessed data temporarily. This smart caching mechanism significantly reduces loading times for apps, improves multitasking, and leads to a smoother user experience.

How Does the X-CACHE Magisk Module Work?

Utilizing Unused RAM

The X-CACHE Magisk Module operates on the principle of utilizing unused RAM effectively. RAM is a vital resource in any computing device, and Android smartphones are no exception. Often, a considerable portion of RAM remains unutilized while running regular applications.

Cache Maintenance

The X-CACHE Magisk Module intelligently manages the cache to ensure optimal performance. It constantly monitors the usage patterns of various apps and updates the cache accordingly. Less frequently used data is flushed from the cache to free up space for new data, preventing unnecessary clutter and ensuring the cache remains relevant.

Advantages of Using the X-CACHE Magisk Module

1. Improved App Load Times

With the X-CACHE Magisk Module in place, you’ll experience significantly faster app loading times. It’s perfectly work cached data ensures that apps start quickly.

2. Seamless Multitasking

Efficient RAM management provided by the X-CACHE Magisk Module enables seamless multitasking. Switching between apps becomes smoother, and you can keep multiple applications open without worrying about sluggish performance.

3. Enhanced Gaming Experience

Gamers will particularly appreciate the benefits of the X-CACHE Magisk Module. By reducing load times and providing a more stable performance, it enhances the gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games with minimal lag.

4. Longer Battery Life

Surprisingly, the X-CACHE Magisk Module can also contribute to improved battery life. With apps loading faster, the processor spends less time in heavy lifting, leading to less energy consumption and extended battery life.

How to Install the X-CACHE Magisk Module?

Installing the X-CACHE Magisk Module is a straightforward process:
1. Ensure you have a rooted Android device with Magisk installed.
2. Download the X-CACHE Magisk Module from download link.
3. Open the Magisk Manager app and go to the Modules section.
4. Tap on the “+” icon and select the downloaded X-CACHE Magisk Module zip file.
5. Once the installation is complete, reboot your device.


The X-CACHE Magisk Module is a game-changer for Android users seeking to optimize their device’s performance. By efficiently utilizing unused and intelligently caching data, this module ensures faster app load times, smoother multitasking, and an overall improved Android experience. Boost your device’s performance today with the X-CACHE Magisk Module and enjoy a seamless, lag-free Android journey.

Close background apps and clear old cache to reduce ram and internal storage usage

* Termux ✅
* Terminal Emulator ✅
su <enter> xkill <enter>
su -c xkill
* RiProG
* Kutu Moba
Notes :
Busybox is Required


Q1: Is rooting my Android device safe?
A1: Rooting your Android device can void its warranty and may potentially lead to security risks.
Q2: Does the X-CACHE Magisk Module work on all Android devices?
A2: Yes, the X-CACHE Magisk Module is compatible with most Android devices that have Magisk installed.
Q3: Will using the X-CACHE Magisk Module delete any of my data?
A3: No, the X-CACHE Magisk Module only uses unused RAM for caching and does not interfere with your data.
Q4: Can I uninstall the X-CACHE Magisk Module?
A4: Yes, you can uninstall the X-CACHE Magisk Module anytime through the Magisk Manager app.
Q5: Does the X-CACHE Magisk Module work with custom ROMs?

A5: In most cases, the X-CACHE Magisk Module should work with custom ROMs.

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