Nebula Esport 2024 Gaming Magisk Module

Nebula EsportNebula esports offers the best performance-based modules for esports gaming needs…


Changelog V2.0

  • Fixed network bug issues on some devices
  • GPU Boost Update
  • Updated loop Code

Features Nebula Esport

ZxyonQiy | Ezza | X00TD

  • governor performance
  • performance tuning
  • Overlocking gpu clock
  • Overlocking cpu for 8 Core
  • Disable kernel panic
  • Disable kernel printk
  • drop caches overclock
  • vm settings up values
  • sched features Actived 1
  • Lowmemorykiller overdrive
  • disable log in /sys/ and /proc/
  • disable debug in /sys/
  • disable throttling in /sys/
  • Settings composition type hwc2
  • fps sf experience ns+
  • fps limit NVDIA
  • gpu driver actived
  • hwui layers over set
  • app manajemen
  • Dalvik HyperThreading
  • SurfaceFlinger tweaks
  • Reduce lag
  • Actived hdr color display in surfaceflinger
  • Disable kernel checkjni
  • Set read_ahead_kb size 512
  • Set nr_request size 256

And Moreā€¦


  • Wait 1-2 Minutes for using modyle after reboot device
  • Magisk and kernelSU files is separated
  • if your need program modules, Source in files SourceProgram
  • this module for using Esport or Gaming, not modules All in One, if you need combo modules- this module recommended for combo



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