Must RAM V4.0 Magisk Module 2024

Must RAM

Version : 4.0VersionCode : 20240515Method : Magisk/KernelSuBy : @redoxena | #DevProjectModol Introduction If you’re an Android enthusiast who loves tweaking your device, you’ve probably heard of Magisk. But have you explored the world of Magisk modules? Today, we’re diving into one of the most talked-about modules – the Must RAM Magisk Module. This guide will …

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CPU Performance-X Magisk Module: Boost Your Device’s Speed

CPU Performance-X

This module increase your phone’s performance by Change your CPU Mode to Performance Mode. By- MMX TEAM Introduction In the ever-evolving world of smartphones and gadgets, users continually seek ways to enhance the performance of their devices. One crucial aspect of device performance is the efficiency of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). As technology advances, …

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Lotuslight Optimizer Magisk Module 2024

Version: v2.0Author: @hyoniexdDescription: an Optimizer for your device with Disabling some logs and Disabling some Unnecessary Things like in ur ROM, Dalvik Optimization, Deep Sleep Enhancement in one module for better daily use, battery backup, and smoothness while multitasking & running apps! In today’s fast-paced digital world, optimizing your Android device’s performance is essential to …

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PUBG Helper Brevent Module [No Root]

PUBG Helper

Support: Non-Root & Root ( Brevent/Shell App )Author: @SeraphicVen & Thanks: @ElectricMoves1 Note: Maybe Work this tweaks on any games, but some tweaks is focused on PUBG & read guide file also use phone cooler to best gaming experience. Features: Installation: Install:sh /storage/emulated/0/PUBG/exe.shUninstall:Just reboot your device

EdXposed Magisk Module Updated 2024

EdXposed Magisk Module

In the realm of Android customization, the EdXposed Magisk Module stands out as a powerful tool for unlocking new features and functionalities. Built upon the Xposed Framework, this module provides users with unparalleled flexibility and control over their devices, allowing for deep customization and optimization. Understanding EdXposed Module EdXposed is a Magisk Module that integrates …

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Performa Android | Boost Your Phone’s Performance with Module – Root & No Root

Performa Android

Dev : @HenVx0Credits : @HenVx1Support : R AND NR Features : How to install the module? Execution :sh /sdcard/Hard/ Remove :sh /sdcard/Hard/ How to install root?Use terminal and execution :su -c sh /sdcard/Hard/ File Link Changelog?Updates performance module, string up performance device. WAJIB FEEDBACK KE KOMEN❗️

Free Fire & Free Fire Max Ram Booster Module No Root

Free Fire Ram Booster

Dev : Lord XJ Info :This tweaks optimize Free Fire & Free Fire Max on your Android device by adjusting various system settings related to graphics improve such as FPS – Framrste game & rendering, refresh rates, heating mennagement, thermal management, and power consumption. They aim to enhance gameplay fluidity, reduce input lag, and maintain …

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Official YouTube Premium Magisk Module V19.18.34


Introduction YouTube, with its vast collection of videos ranging from informative tutorials to entertaining content, has become an integral part of our lives. However, the regular YouTube app comes with limitations, such as ads, lack of background play, and restricted video Get. To overcome these limitations and unlock the full potential of YouTube, users can …

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Performance X Pro Magisk Module Best For Gaming 2024

Performance X Pro

Introduction: In the ever-evolving world of Android customization, enthusiasts constantly seek ways to optimize their devices for peak performance. Whether it’s to enhance gaming experiences, improve multitasking capabilities, or simply squeeze out every ounce of power from their smartphones, users turn to various tools and tweaks. One such tool that has garnered attention in recent …

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Performance Tweak LITE Version Magisk Module

Performance Tweak

Are you tired of experiencing lag and frame drops while playing your favorite games on your Android device? Look no further than the Performance Tweak Magisk Module! This innovative tool is designed to optimize your device’s performance specifically for gaming, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience every time you pick up your phone to play. …

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