Super Touch V4.0 [ROOT] Magisk Module

Super Touch Magisk Module
Are you tired of the same old user interface on your Android device? Do you wish to enhance your touch interactions and bring a new level of responsiveness to your smartphone? Look no further! The Super Touch Magisk Module
is here to revolutionize the way you interact with your Android device. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the Super Touch Magisk Module, exploring its features, benefits, and how to install it on your device.

1. Introduction to Super Touch

The Super Touch Magisk Module is a revolutionary tool designed to elevate the touch experience on Android devices. It operates through Magisk, a popular systemless root interface, which ensures that you can enjoy the benefits without compromising your device’s security.

2. Understanding Magisk Modules

Magisk modules are essentially add-ons that can be installed on Android devices to modify system components without actually altering the system partition. This allows for a high level of customization while still maintaining the integrity of the device.

3. The Power of Touch Interaction

Touch interaction is at the core of any smartphone experience. The Super Touch Magisk Module takes this interaction to a new level by offering advanced customization options that cater to your preferences.

4. Features and Functionalities of Super Touch Module

4.1 Adjusting Touch Sensitivity
With the Super Touch Module, you can finely adjust the touch sensitivity of your device. Whether you prefer a feather-light touch or a more responsive feel, this module empowers you to make the choice.

4.2 Creating Custom Touch Gestures

Imagine being able to launch your favorite apps or perform specific actions with a simple swipe or tap gesture. The Super Touch Module lets you create custom gestures that streamline your interactions and boost your productivity.

4.3 Enhancing Gaming Experience

Gamers rejoice! This module enhances your gaming sessions by minimizing touch input lag and providing a smoother touch response. Now, you can achieve those in-game actions with precision and speed.

5. Step-by-Step Guide to Install Super Touch Magisk Module

Installing the Super Touch Module is a straightforward process:
1. Ensure your device is rooted with Magisk.
2. Download the Super Touch Module from a reliable source.
3. Open the Magisk Manager app and tap on the Modules section.
4. Click on the “+” button and select the downloaded module.
5. Reboot your device to apply the changes.

6. Optimizing Super Touch Settings for Your Device

After installation, take some time to explore the settings and adjust them to match your preferences. This personalization ensures that you get the most out of the Super Touch Module.

7. Real User Experiences and Testimonials

Users who have integrated the Super Touch Magisk Module into their Android devices have reported significant improvements in touch responsiveness, especially during gaming and multitasking activities.

8. Comparing Super Touch with Other Touch Enhancement Solutions

While there are other touch enhancement solutions available, the Super Touch Module stands out due to its compatibility, ease of use, and the wide array of customizable options it offers.



The Super Touch Magisk Module opens a gateway to an enhanced touch experience on your Android device. From customized gestures to improved gaming interactions, this module redefines the way you engage with your smartphone. Remember, while the Super Touch Module offers exciting possibilities, it’s essential to tread carefully in the world of device customization. Always prioritize the safety and security of your device while enjoying the benefits of this remarkable tool.



• High Responsive
• Scrolling Smooth
• Press Timeout High
• Multi Touch High
• Touch Improve
• Improve Sliding Response
Dev : HenVx
Note :
Supported Module Magisk/Ksu Only !! 

9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is rooting my device necessary to use the Super Touch Module?
A1: Yes, the Super Touch Module requires a rooted device with Magisk.
Q2: Can I revert the changes if I’m not satisfied with the module?
A2: Absolutely, you can remove the module through the Magisk Manager app.
Q3: Will using the module void my device’s warranty?
A3: Yes, rooting your device and using modules like these might void your warranty. Proceed with caution.
Q4: Is the Super Touch Module safe for my device?
A4: When obtained from reputable sources, the module is generally safe. However, always exercise caution when modifying system components.
Q5: Can I share my custom gestures with friends?
A5: Yes, you can export your gesture settings and share them with other Super Touch users.

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