STYLe X PerforMANCE Best Gaming Magisk Module 2024

Developer : @HenVx0
Publisher : @HenVx1
Version : 2.1.4Toby
Type : Magisk And KSU

In the world of Android customization, Magisk modules play a vital role in enhancing the performance and features of your device. One such module that has been gaining attention is the STYLe X PerforMANCE Magisk Module. Designed to optimize performance and gaming experience, this module offers a range of features aimed at elevating your device’s capabilities.

Features of STYLe X PerforMANCE

Performance Style

The Performance Style feature within STYLe X PerforMANCE allows users to customize their device’s performance according to their preferences. Whether you prioritize battery life or raw processing power, this feature lets you tailor your device’s performance profile.

Disable Dirty Region

By disabling the dirty region, STYLe X PerforMANCE helps in reducing unnecessary redraws, leading to smoother UI interactions and improved overall performance.

Enable Multi-Touch X

With the Enable Multi-Touch X feature, users can enhance their device’s multitouch capabilities, enabling smoother and more responsive touch interactions, especially useful for gaming and productivity tasks.

Max Number Multi-Touch

This feature enables users to set the maximum number of touch points supported by their device, allowing for greater precision and accuracy in touch input.

Gaming Experience 2

STYLe X PerforMANCE includes optimizations specifically targeted towards enhancing the gaming experience, such as reducing input lag and improving frame rates for a smoother gameplay experience.

Kernel VM Tweaks

Optimizing the kernel’s Virtual Memory settings can significantly improve system responsiveness and multitasking performance, and this feature allows users to tweak these settings for optimal performance.

Improve Gaming Experience

Apart from specific gaming optimizations, STYLe X PerforMANCE also includes general performance tweaks aimed at improving the overall gaming experience on Android devices.

Extfrag Threshold Tweaks

Fragmentation can degrade storage performance over time, but with Extfrag Threshold Tweaks, STYLe X PerforMANCE helps in optimizing storage performance by adjusting fragmentation thresholds.

Sched Boosting Tweaks

This feature optimizes the kernel’s CPU scheduling algorithms, ensuring that resource-intensive tasks are prioritized appropriately, leading to smoother multitasking and overall system responsiveness.

Installation Guide for STYLe X PerforMANCE

Installing STYLe X PerforMANCE is a straightforward process for users familiar with Magisk modules. Simply Get the module zip file and install it through the Magisk Manager app. Once installed, reboot your device to apply the changes.

• Open the Magisk app on your device
• Tap on the “Modules” tab
• Click on the “+” button in the bottom right corner
• Select “Install from Storage
• Navigate to the STYLe X PerforMANCE Magisk Module file and select it
• Tap on the “Install” button
• Wait for the installation to complete
• Tap on the “Reboot” button to restart your device

Benefits of Using STYLe X PerforMANCE


STYLe X PerforMANCE offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced device performance
  • Improved gaming experience
  • Smoother UI interactions
  • Customizable performance profiles
  • Optimized kernel and VM settings

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STYLe X PerforMANCE is a powerful Magisk module that offers a wide range of features aimed at optimizing device performance and enhancing the gaming experience on Android devices. With customizable performance profiles, gaming optimizations, and kernel tweaks, it provides users with the tools they need to unleash the full potential of their devices.



Is STYLe X PerforMANCE compatible with all Android devices?

STYLe X PerforMANCE is compatible with most Android devices that support Magisk. However, it’s always recommended to check compatibility before installation.

Can I uninstall STYLe X PerforMANCE if I’m not satisfied with its performance?

Yes, you can uninstall STYLe X PerforMANCE like any other Magisk module through the Magisk Manager app.

Does STYLe X PerforMANCE require root access?

Yes, STYLe X PerforMANCE requires a rooted device with Magisk installed to function properly.

Will STYLe X PerforMANCE void my device’s warranty?

Installing Magisk modules like STYLe X PerforMANCE may void your device’s warranty. Proceed with caution and ensure you understand the risks involved.

How often should I update STYLe X PerforMANCE?

It’s recommended to regularly check for updates and update STYLe X PerforMANCE to benefit from the latest optimizations and improvements.

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