SonBoost New Magisk Module 2024


Developer : @PersonPemula
Version : 3.0
Released: 15/03/2024
Support : Magisk And Brevent

Are you a tech enthusiast always on the lookout for ways to optimize your Android device for peak performance? Look no further than the SonBoost Magisk Module. This innovative tool offers a plethora of features designed to enhance your device’s performance, graphics quality, and overall user experience.


SonBoost Magisk Module is a powerful tool that allows Android users to tweak various system settings to unlock the full potential of their devices. Whether you’re a casual user looking to improve gaming performance or a power user seeking to maximize system resources, SonBoost has something for everyone.

Surfaceflinger Improvement

One of the standout features of SonBoost is its Surfaceflinger Improvement module. Surfaceflinger is a crucial component of the Android graphics system responsible for compositing surfaces onto the screen. By optimizing Surfaceflinger, SonBoost ensures smoother animations, faster screen transitions, and overall improved graphics performance.

Improving Graphics Quality

With SonBoost, you can bid farewell to pixelated graphics and jagged edges. The module includes features aimed at enhancing the graphics quality of your device, resulting in sharper images, richer colors, and a more immersive visual experience.

Enhancing Idling Performance

Idle performance is often overlooked but plays a significant role in overall device responsiveness. SonBoost includes optimizations to reduce background processes and idle resource consumption, ensuring that your device remains snappy even during periods of inactivity.

Rendering Skiagl

SonBoost introduces rendering tweaks, including support for Skiagl, a powerful graphics rendering library. By leveraging Skiagl, SonBoost enhances rendering performance, leading to smoother frame rates and reduced input lag in graphics-intensive applications.

Disabling Image Enhancements

Some Android devices come with built-in image enhancements like MSAA, TXAA, FXAA, and SMAA, which can impact performance. SonBoost allows you to disable these enhancements, freeing up system resources for other tasks and improving overall performance.

Boosting System Performance by Killing Allocating Tasks

Allocating tasks can consume valuable system resources and slow down your device. SonBoost includes a feature to kill allocating tasks efficiently, ensuring that your device’s resources are allocated where they’re needed most for optimal performance.

Disabling Unnecessary Components

Is your device cluttered with unnecessary components and bloatware? SonBoost lets you disable these components, freeing up valuable storage space and RAM for more important tasks.

Universal Log Disabling

Logging can consume system resources and affect performance, especially on older devices. SonBoost includes a universal log disabling feature to prevent unnecessary logging, resulting in improved system responsiveness and performance.

Hardware User Interface (HWUI) Improvement

HWUI is responsible for rendering the user interface on Android devices. SonBoost includes optimizations to improve HWUI performance, resulting in faster UI rendering and smoother animations.

Rendering Tweaks for Better Performance

SonBoost offers a range of rendering tweaks to optimize performance further. These tweaks include adjustments to rendering settings and optimizations for specific applications to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience.

Miscellaneous Tweaks for Optimization

In addition to specific performance enhancements, SonBoost includes a variety of miscellaneous tweaks aimed at optimizing various aspects of your device’s operation. From battery-saving tweaks to network optimizations, SonBoost covers all the bases.

Disabling Vibrations during Gaming

Are vibrations during gaming distracting you from your gameplay? SonBoost allows you to disable vibrations selectively, ensuring a distraction-free gaming experience without compromising performance.

Cache Cleaning for Enhanced Performance

Over time, cache files can accumulate and slow down your device. SonBoost includes a cache cleaner directory to help you remove unnecessary cache files and reclaim storage space for improved performance.

JIT (Just-In-Time) Compilation for Games

JIT compilation can significantly improve game performance by optimizing code execution on the fly. SonBoost includes support for JIT compilation, resulting in smoother gameplay and reduced loading times for your favorite games.

Optimizing Touch Response

Last but not least, SonBoost includes optimizations to improve touch response, ensuring that your device responds promptly to your touch inputs for a seamless user experience.

In conclusion, SonBoost Magisk Module is a must-have tool for Android users looking to optimize their devices for peak performance. With its wide range of features and tweaks, SonBoost allows you to unleash the full potential of your device, whether you’re a casual user or a power user. Say goodbye to sluggish performance and hello to a smoother, more responsive Android experience with SonBoost.

How to Install in Magisk or KernelSU?

  1. Get the SonBoost Magisk Module zip file from our site.
  2. Open the Magisk Manager app on your rooted Android device.
  3. Tap on the menu icon and select “Modules.”
  4. Tap on the “Install from storage” option and navigate to the zip file.
  5. Select the zip file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the module.
  6. Once installed, reboot your device to apply the changes

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How to Install No-Root?

sh /sdcard/SonBoostV3/

sh /sdcard/SonBoostV3/

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Unique FAQs

  1. Is SonBoost compatible with all Android devices?
    SonBoost is compatible with most Android devices running Magisk, but compatibility may vary depending on your device’s hardware and software configuration.
  2. Does using SonBoost void my device’s warranty?
    Using SonBoost does not inherently void your device’s warranty, but modifying system settings carries some risk. Proceed with caution and always make backups before making significant changes to your device.
  3. Can SonBoost improve battery life?
    While SonBoost includes some battery-saving tweaks, its primary focus is on performance optimization. However, by reducing unnecessary background processes and resource consumption, SonBoost may indirectly lead to improved battery life.
  4. How frequently should I update SonBoost?
    It’s recommended to check for updates to SonBoost periodically to ensure you have the latest optimizations and bug fixes. However, if SonBoost is working well for you, there may be no need to update frequently.
  5. Is SonBoost safe to use?
    SonBoost is developed by reputable developers and undergoes testing to ensure safety and reliability. However, as with any system modification tool, there are risks involved. Use SonBoost responsibly and at your own risk.

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