RIPROG AI v4.5 Best Gaming Magisk Module For Android


Dev = RiProG-id
Support = Magisk


  • Disable Kernel Panic
  • Disable printk
  • Disable Various Debugger
  • Disable Various Log
  • Fuse Passthrough
  • Low Memory Consumption
  • Modifying Scheduler Features
  • SurfaceFlinger Improvement
  • Virtual Memory Optimization
  • HWUI Cache Optimizer
  • Smart I/O Storage
  • Smart CPU Optimisation
  • Smart GPU Optimisation
  • Smart Low Memory Killer
  • Real-time graphics enhancement
  • Performance optimization
  • Customizable settings

Cradit By = @Tweaks01

How to Install the RiProG AI Magisk Module

• Open the Magisk app on your device
• Tap on the “Modules” tab
• Click on the “+” button in the bottom right corner
• Select “Install from Storage
• Navigate to the RiProG AI Magisk Module file and select it
• Tap on the “Install” button
• Wait for the installation to complete
• Tap on the “Reboot” button to restart your device

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The RiProG AI Magisk Module is a powerful tool that can enhance your Android gaming experience in a number of ways. If you’re a serious mobile gamer, then the RiProG AI Magisk Module is a must-have.

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