RedXTouch Module Support Magisk/KSU 2024

RedXTouch Module

Name Module : RedXTouch
Version :

B.4 Stable
Support : MAGISK/KSU
Build by: @redoxena
Owner: @redoxenabase
Elevate your touchscreen experience and Up your Responsiveness touch [recommended in all aspect]

Update Add:

  • Repair some tweak
  • Revalue some tweak for responsive touch
  • Add disable input resampling
  • rechange touch prop
  • long_press timeout to 200
  • multi_press timeout to 140

Tutorial Full Uninstall this Module:

  • Delete the module in magisk app
  • open terminal/termux
    Type In Terminal/Termux:
  • su
    settings delete secure multi_press_timeout
    settings delete secure long_press_timeout
    settings delete global block_untrusted_touches

Should you encounter any module-related issues, please share your feedback with us at @redoxenabase.



If you’re someone who loves to tweak and customize your Android device, you’ve likely heard of Magisk. Among the numerous Magisk modules available, the Red X Touch Magisk Module stands out for its focus on enhancing touch responsiveness. This article delves into the features, benefits, and detailed changelog of the Red X Touch Magisk Module, aiming to provide a comprehensive guide for users looking to optimize their touch experience.

Overview of Magisk Modules

Understanding Magisk

Magisk is a popular systemless rooting method for Android devices, allowing users to gain root access without altering the system partition. This approach provides the advantage of maintaining the integrity of the system, making it easier to install updates and pass SafetyNet checks.

Benefits of Using Magisk Modules

Magisk modules are add-ons that extend the functionality of the root system. They can tweak various aspects of the device, from performance enhancements to cosmetic changes. The key benefit of using Magisk modules is the ability to customize your device to meet your specific needs and preferences without compromising system integrity.

Features of the Red X Touch Magisk Module

Key Functionalities

The Red X Touch Magisk Module is designed to improve touch sensitivity and responsiveness on Android devices. By adjusting touch properties and response times, this module aims to create a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

Targeted Improvements

This module specifically targets several aspects of touch interaction:

  • Repairing existing tweaks for better performance.
  • Revaluating and adjusting touch properties for enhanced responsiveness.
  • Changing touch properties to optimize touch inputs.

Changelog Highlights


Repair of Some Tweaks

One of the main updates in the Red X Touch module is the repair of some existing tweaks. These repairs address minor issues that may have affected touch performance, ensuring a more stable and reliable touch experience.

Revaluation for Responsive Touch

The module includes a revaluation of certain touch properties to enhance responsiveness. This means that touch inputs are recognized and processed more quickly, providing a snappier feel when interacting with the device.

Rechange of Touch Properties

Changes to touch properties are made to fine-tune how the device responds to touch inputs. These changes are aimed at providing a more consistent and predictable touch experience across various applications and usage scenarios.

Touch Property Adjustments

Explanation of Touch Prop Changes

Touch properties refer to the parameters that define how a device’s touchscreen responds to user inputs. Adjusting these properties can significantly affect the sensitivity and accuracy of touch interactions. The Red X Touch module modifies these parameters to achieve optimal touch performance.

Impact on Device Performance

By fine-tuning touch properties, the module ensures that touch inputs are processed more efficiently. This can lead to faster response times, reduced lag, and an overall smoother user experience, particularly in applications that rely heavily on touch inputs, such as gaming or drawing apps.

Long Press Timeout Adjustment

New Long Press Timeout: 200ms

The long press timeout is the duration a user must press on the screen before the system registers a long press action. The Red X Touch module adjusts this timeout to 200 milliseconds.

Benefits of the Change

Reducing the long press timeout means that long press actions are recognized more quickly, making interactions such as opening context menus or dragging icons more responsive. This small adjustment can greatly enhance the fluidity of touch interactions.

Multi Press Timeout Adjustment


New Multi Press Timeout: 140ms

Multi press timeout is the interval within which multiple taps are recognized as distinct actions. The module adjusts this timeout to 140 milliseconds.

Benefits of the Change

A shorter multi-press timeout allows the system to more accurately distinguish between single and multiple taps. This can improve the reliability of multi-touch gestures and actions, making the device more responsive to quick, successive taps.

Installation Guide


Before installing the Red X Touch Magisk Module, ensure your device is rooted with Magisk installed. You should also have the Magisk Manager app to manage modules.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  1. Open the Magisk Manager app.
  2. Go to the “Module” section.
  3. Search for “Red X Touch” and select the module.
  4. Tap “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Reboot your device to activate the module.

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