Dev : @imkangshiro
Credit : @ShiroProjectReborn
Type : Module
Version : 1.0
Game : Pubgm 3.0 (GL & KR)
Support : Brevent

Features :

  • Maximum Limit Performance
  • Pointer Speed Recoil Stabilizer
  • Reduce Resolution Pubg Mobile
  • 60 FPS In Normal Mode
  • 90~120 FPS In 120 Hz Mode
  • Aim Assist Control Maximum
  • High Performance
  • Kill Background Activity
  • Fix All Frame Drop
  • Smooth Movement Player



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How to Install the Module Using Brevent Method [No RooT]


Install To Pubg Global:
sh /storage/emulated/0/NinjaAssist/

Install To Pubg Korea:
sh /storage/emulated/0/NinjaAssist/

Uninstall Module:
sh /storage/emulated/0/NinjaAssist/

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I determine the best software for my business’s unique needs?
  • Assess your business requirements, scalability, and user-friendliness of the software. Consider a trial period before committing.
  1. Are there affordable options for small businesses?
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  1. How often should I update my business software?
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  1. What if my employees resist using new software?
  • Implement comprehensive training programs and highlight the benefits to encourage adoption.
  1. Is cloud-based software secure for business use?
  • Yes, reputable cloud-based solutions invest heavily in security measures. Always choose trusted providers to ensure data safety.

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