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Mvast Tweak


In the world of Android customization, Magisk Modules are a game-changer. These small but powerful tools allow users to modify their devices without altering the system partition, ensuring seamless updates and stability. Among the myriad of modules available, the Mvast Tweak Magisk Module stands out due to its comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance battery life, balance performance, and optimize gaming experiences.

Understanding Magisk Modules

Definition and Purpose

Magisk Modules are modifications that users can install to enhance or change the behavior of their Android devices. Unlike traditional mods that require flashing custom ROMs, Magisk Modules operate systemlessly, meaning they don’t alter the system partition. This ensures that users can receive OTA updates without losing their customizations.

How Magisk Modules Work

Magisk Modules work by using Magisk’s systemless interface. They overlay changes on top of the existing system, providing functionalities such as root access, system modifications, and performance tweaks without modifying the core system files.

Overview of Mvast Tweak Magisk Module


Introduction to Mvast Tweak

The Mvast Tweak Magisk Module is a versatile tool designed to optimize various aspects of an Android device. From extending battery life to boosting gaming performance, this module offers a range of features that cater to different user needs.

Key Features

  1. Battery Optimization
  2. Balanced Performance Mode
  3. High-Performance Mode
  4. Gaming Mode

Feature core

  • Disable perfd and mpdecision
  • Disable logd and statsd to reduce overhead
  • Stune boost tweak
  • Disable core control
  • CAF input boost
  • I/O scheduler tweak
  • CPU tweak
  • GPU tweak
  • Adreno Idler disable (Gaming Mode)
  • Schedtune tweak
  • FS tweak
  • Dynamic FSYNC enable
  • Scheduler features
  • ONEPLUS chain disable
  • Kernel settings tweak
  • Fingerprint boost enable
  • Set min – max CPU clock
  • Disable cpuidle deep
  • Voltage boost
  • Vm tweak
  • Thermal tweak
  • Disable powe efficient workqueue
  • Disable multicore power saving (Gaming mode)
  • DT2W fix
  • Touch boost enable
  • Disable battery saver (Gaming mode)
  • KSM, UKSM disable

Battery Optimization

Importance of Battery Management

Battery life is a critical aspect of any mobile device. With users relying heavily on their smartphones for daily tasks, a battery that drains quickly can be frustrating. Effective battery management ensures that users can get the most out of their devices without frequent recharges.

How Mvast Tweak Enhances Battery Life

The Mvast Tweak Magisk Module optimizes battery usage by adjusting system settings and processes to reduce power consumption. It fine-tunes CPU and GPU performance, manages background processes, and utilizes intelligent power-saving algorithms to extend battery life significantly.

Balanced Performance Mode


What is Balanced Performance?

Balanced Performance Mode is a feature designed to offer the best of both worlds – performance and battery life. It adjusts system parameters to provide smooth performance while ensuring minimal battery drain.

Benefits of Using Balanced Mode

By using Balanced Performance Mode, users can enjoy a seamless experience without compromising on battery life. This mode is perfect for daily usage, where a balance between performance and efficiency is essential.

High-Performance Mode

Introduction to Performance Mode

For power users and enthusiasts who demand the utmost performance from their devices, High-Performance Mode is a key feature. This mode unleashes the full potential of the device’s hardware.

Advantages for Power Users

High-Performance Mode boosts CPU and GPU frequencies, prioritizes foreground processes, and optimizes memory usage to deliver a blazing-fast user experience. It’s ideal for tasks that require maximum power, such as video editing and running resource-intensive applications.

Gaming Mode

Enhancing Gaming Experience

Gaming on mobile devices has become increasingly popular, and having a device that can handle high-end games is essential for many users. Gaming Mode in Mvast Tweak is specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience.

Features of Gaming Mode in Mvast Tweak

Gaming Mode optimizes the device by allocating more resources to the game, reducing background activities, and enhancing graphics performance. This results in smoother gameplay, faster load times, and reduced lag.

Installation Guide



Before installing the Mvast Tweak Magisk Module, ensure you have:

  • A rooted Android device with Magisk installed.
  • Basic knowledge of Magisk Manager.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  1. Get the Mvast Tweak Magisk Module from our link.
  2. Open Magisk Manager and navigate to the Modules section.
  3. Tap on “Install from storage” and select the module.
  4. Reboot your device to activate the module.

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Comparisons with Other Modules

Mvast Tweak vs. Other Popular Modules

While there are several performance-enhancing Magisk Modules available, Mvast Tweak stands out due to its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and robust performance enhancements.

Unique Selling Points

Mvast Tweak’s unique selling points include its versatility, the ability to switch between different performance modes seamlessly, and its focus on both battery life and performance.

Future Updates and Developments


Planned Features

The developers behind Mvast Tweak are continually working on new features and improvements. Future updates may include additional performance modes, enhanced battery optimization techniques, and support for more devices.

Developer Support

The module receives regular updates and has an active community of users and developers. This ensures that any issues are promptly addressed, and new features are continuously added.


The Mvast Tweak Magisk Module is a powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their Android device’s performance. Whether you’re aiming to extend your battery life, achieve balanced performance, or enjoy a superior gaming experience, this module has you covered. Its easy installation, extensive customization options, and robust support make it a must-have for Android enthusiasts.


What is Mvast Tweak Magisk Module?

Mvast Tweak is a Magisk Module designed to optimize battery life, balance performance, and enhance gaming experiences on Android devices.

How does Mvast Tweak improve battery life?

It reduces power consumption by adjusting CPU and GPU performance, managing background processes, and using intelligent power-saving algorithms.

Can I use Mvast Tweak on any Android device?

The module is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, but it’s best to check the documentation for specific compatibility details.

What are the benefits of Gaming Mode?

Gaming Mode allocates more resources to games, reduces background activities, and enhances graphics performance, resulting in smoother gameplay and faster load times.

How often is Mvast Tweak updated?

The module receives regular updates, and the developers are continuously working on new features and improvements.


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