MIUI Extended Magisk Module Latest in 2024

MIUI Extended Magisk Module
Are you a proud owner of a Xiaomi smartphone running on MIUI? If so, you’re in for a treat! MIUI Extended Magisk Module is a powerful tool that brings a range of customization options and additional features to enhance your MIUI experience. In this article, we will explore what the MIUI Extended Magisk Module is, its benefits, and how you can install and use it on your device.

What is the MIUI Extended?

The MIUI Extended is a popular add-on for Xiaomi smartphones running on the MIUI ROM. It is built on top of the Magisk framework, which allows users to modify their device’s system without altering the system partition. This module offers an extensive set of features and customization options that are not available in the stock MIUI ROM.

Features and Benefits

The MIUI Extended Magisk Module brings a plethora of features and benefits to MIUI users. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key offerings:
1. Extended Customization: With this module, you can personalize various aspects of your MIUI interface. Customize the status bar, navigation bar, lock screen, notification panel, and much more to suit your preferences.
2. Advanced Theming: Unleash your creativity and transform your device into an aesthetic masterpiece with an extensive collection of captivating themes. Modify icons, fonts, wallpapers, and even the overall user interface to forge a truly unique and personalized MIUI experience that sets you apart.
3. Gesture Navigation: Enjoy intuitive gesture-based navigation on your Xiaomi device. The MIUI Extended Magisk Module enables you to navigate through your phone effortlessly using gestures, enhancing the overall user experience.
4. Powerful System Tweaks: Unlock advanced system tweaks and optimizations to fine-tune the performance and efficiency of your MIUI device. Optimize battery life, improve app launching speed, and gain better control over various system parameters.
5. Additional Features: This module offers a range of additional features, including app lock, screenshot editor, screen recorder, screen gestures, and more. These features expand the capabilities of your device and provide added convenience and functionality.

Installation Guide

To install the MIUI Extended Magisk Module on your Xiaomi device, follow these simple steps:
1. Root Your Device: Ensure that your device is rooted using the Magisk framework. Rooting your device gives you administrative privileges and allows you to make system-level modifications.
2. D.L the Module: Goto D.L link from below and D.L the MIUI Extended Magisk Module ZIP file.
3. Open Magisk Manager: Launch the Magisk Manager app on your device and go to the “Modules” section.
4. Install the Module: Tap on the “+” button and browse for the D.L MIUI Extended Magisk Module ZIP file. Select it and proceed with the installation.
5. Reboot Your Device: Once the installation is complete, reboot your device to apply the changes.
6. Enjoy the Enhanced MIUI: After the reboot, you can start exploring the extended features.

Customization Options

The MIUI Extended Magisk Module provides an extensive array of customization options. Some of the notable options include:
  • Status Bar: Customize the status bar layout, icons, and notifications.
  • Navigation Bar: Modify the navigation bar buttons, colors, and layout.
  • Lock Screen: Personalize the lock screen style, clock widget, and shortcuts.
  • Notification Panel: Add or remove quick settings tiles, adjust transparency, and more.
  • Themes: Apply pre-built themes or create your own theme using the built-in theme editor.
These customization options empower you to create a truly unique and personalized MIUI experience.

Performance Optimization

Apart from customization, the MIUI Extended Magisk Module offers performance optimization features to enhance the overall speed and efficiency of your MIUI device. Some of the optimization options include:
  • Battery Optimization: Extend your device’s battery life by enabling power-saving features and tweaking background processes.
  • RAM Management: Optimize the usage of RAM to ensure smooth multitasking and app performance.
  • CPU Control: Adjust CPU frequency and governor settings for better performance or improved battery life.
  • I/O Scheduler: Optimize read/write operations to improve storage performance and responsiveness.
By utilizing these performance optimization features, you can unleash the full potential of your MIUI device.


The MIUI Extended Magisk Module eagerly embraces a wide range of Xiaomi smartphones operating on various MIUI ROMs. However, it is crucial to verify the compatibility of the specific module version with your device model and MIUI version. To ensure a seamless installation experience, visit the official MIUI Extended Magisk Module website or relevant forums, where you can find the necessary information to guarantee a perfect match.

Changelogs of MIUI Extended

This module increases the experience for stability and lightness, battery optimization, and smoothness.
• June 27, 2023
• Version : 2.4
• Animation optimization
• Optimized performance
• Efficient charging
• Deeply optimized temperature
• Increase Battery but no performance loss
• Sensitive touch
• Little ping , response time , long scrolling , turn off some redundant logs , redundant tasks running , ram , zram , google optimización , auto clean junk , multitasking keeping app , graphics
• Do not delay notifications
• Unlock device
• Slightly optimized ping
• Increased smooth graphics
• Increase fps in games
• Thermalization , doze

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I install the MIUI Extended Magisk Module without rooting my device?
   No, the MIUI Extended Magisk Module requires a rooted device to function properly.
2. Is the MIUI Extended Magisk Module safe to use?
   The module is generally safe to use if D.L from trusted sources.
3. Can I revert back to the stock MIUI ROM after installing the module?
   Yes, you can uninstall the module or disable it from the Magisk Manager to revert back to the stock MIUI ROM.
4. Are there any risks associated with using the MIUI Extended Magisk Module?
   While the module itself is relatively safe, making incorrect modifications to your device’s system can potentially lead to instability or other issues.
5. Can I receive OTA (Over-The-Air) updates after installing the module?
   OTA updates may not be available for devices with system modifications. You might need to manually install updates or restore the stock ROM before receiving OTA updates.



The MIUI Extended Magisk Module is a remarkable tool for MIUI users who seek to elevate their smartphone experience. With its extensive customization options, advanced theming, and performance optimization features, this module unlocks a new level of personalization and functionality. Embrace the power of the MIUI Extended Magisk Module and take your MIUI experience to new heights!

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