Improving Touch Module without Root Using the Brevent Method

Improving Touch Module

Introduction to High Touch Module

In the ever-evolving world of technology, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. With the Android operating system dominating the market, users constantly seek ways to enhance their device’s performance and functionality. One area that often garners attention is the touch module, which directly influences the responsiveness and sensitivity of the touchscreen. Traditionally, improving the touch module required rooting the device, a process that could void warranties and potentially compromise security. However, a revolutionary method known as the Brevent method offers a non-root alternative to enhance touch module performance, providing users with a seamless and efficient touchscreen experience.


What is Improving Touch?

The touch module of an Android device plays a crucial role in translating physical interactions into digital commands. A smooth and responsive touchscreen is essential for navigating menus, typing messages, playing games, and performing various tasks with precision and accuracy. However, factors such as software glitches, conflicting applications, and system limitations can hinder touch module performance, leading to delays, lags, and unresponsiveness.

Traditionally, users seeking to improve touch module performance turned to rooting, a process that grants them elevated privileges to modify system files and settings. While rooting offers unparalleled customization options, it also carries inherent risks, including the potential to void warranties, brick devices, and expose them to security vulnerabilities. Additionally, rooting may not be feasible for all users, particularly those who lack technical expertise or prefer to maintain the integrity of their device’s software.

Enter the Brevent method—a groundbreaking approach to enhancing touch module performance without the need for root access. Developed by renowned Android developer Jianyu Hao, Brevent is a unique utility application designed to optimize app performance, reduce resource consumption, and enhance system responsiveness. While its primary purpose is to prevent background apps from running, thereby conserving battery life and improving overall device performance, Brevent also has a profound impact on touch module responsiveness.

How to work Brevent APP?


The Brevent method works by selectively hibernating background applications, preventing them from consuming system resources and interfering with critical processes such as touch input handling. By prioritizing foreground tasks and minimizing background activity, Brevent ensures that the touch module receives dedicated resources, resulting in smoother interactions, reduced input latency, and enhanced sensitivity. Moreover, Brevent’s intelligent management algorithms adapt dynamically to user behavior and system conditions, further optimizing performance without compromising functionality.

Improve Touch Response On Android

Implementing the Brevent method is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort and technical expertise. Users can the Brevent application from the Google Play Store and install it on their Android device. Once installed, Brevent provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to view running applications, select those they wish to hibernate, and customize settings according to their preferences. By strategically hibernating background apps, users can tailor their device’s performance to suit their specific needs, whether it be gaming, productivity, or multitasking.

The benefits of the Brevent method extend beyond touch module optimization, encompassing broader improvements in device performance, battery life, and user experience. By reclaiming system resources and minimizing unnecessary background activity, Brevent empowers users to maximize the potential of their Android devices without compromising stability or security. Furthermore, Brevent’s non-root approach ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and software configurations, making it accessible to users regardless of their technical proficiency or device manufacturer.


  • Increase Sensitivity
  • Optimize Scroll Speed
  • High Performance
  • Fluid & Liquid Feels
  • Super Responsive

How to Install?



sh /sdcard/High_Touch/


sh /sdcard/High_Touch/

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In conclusion, the Brevent method represents a groundbreaking advancement in Android optimization, offering users a non-root alternative to improve touch module performance and enhance overall device responsiveness. By intelligently managing background applications and prioritizing critical system processes, Brevent ensures that users can enjoy a seamless and efficient touchscreen experience without compromising the integrity of their device’s software. As the demand for enhanced smartphone performance continues to grow, solutions like the Brevent method demonstrate the innovative potential of non-root optimization techniques in unlocking the full capabilities of Android devices.


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