Hs Boost Reborn Install via Brevent [NO ROOT]

Hs Boost RebornVersion : 1.4
Developer : @HsnRil @renn68


  • This module functions for Performance, this version is the light version.


Performance Optimizer <
Dex2oat <
Gpu Speed <
Cpu Speed <
Surface flinger <
Performance Schema <
Performance Mode <

Daftar Game yang di masukin:

  • Free Fire
  • Free Fire Max
  • Mobile legends
  • Mobile Legends Hwag
  • Pubg (Global)
  • Pubg (Korea)
  • Ghenshin Impact
  • Pes (Efotball)
  • Minecraft
  • Gta San Andreas
  • Codm
  • Bus Simulator
  • Blood strike


  • Add string performance

[ Changelog ]

  • Module No root
  • Gak bisa Di pasang di aplikasi Qute
  • Rekomendasi pasang Module ini di brevent / Ladb


sh /storage/emulated/0/HS/Reborn.sh


sh /storage/emulated/0/HS/remove.sh



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How to install?

  • Goto Magisk Manager 
  • Click on module icon from right side 
  • Tap on internal storage button
  • Select the zip file from storage 
  • After install done you can reboot your device
  • Enjoy

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What is the role of testing in software development?

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What are Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)?

IDEs provide a comprehensive environment for software development, offering features like code editing, debugging, and project management.

How is mobile app development different from web development?

Mobile app development focuses on creating applications for mobile platforms, while web development is centered around websites and web applications.


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