Gaming Boost for Non-Rooted Phone Install via Brevent

Gaming boost for Non-Rooted

Gaming on non-rooted phones has always presented challenges, with users often seeking ways to enhance performance and enjoy a smoother gaming experience. One innovative solution that has gained traction in the mobile gaming community is the use of Brevent. Gaming on non-rooted phones has always been a bit of a challenge. We all crave that seamless, lag-free gaming experience, but sometimes our devices just don’t cooperate. Fear not, as there’s a game-changing solution in town – Brevent.

Understanding Brevent


So, what exactly is Brevent? Think of it as your phone’s personal performance maestro. Brevent is an app that takes charge of managing background processes and app standby, ensuring your device operates at its peak, especially when you’re diving into the gaming realm.

The Need for Gaming Boost on Non-Rooted Phones

Non-rooted phone users often find themselves facing the dilemma of less-than-ideal gaming performance. It’s frustrating when your device can’t keep up with the demands of your favorite game. This is where the quest for a gaming boost becomes crucial.

Installation Process of Brevent

Getting Brevent up and running on your non-rooted phone is surprisingly easy. Let’s break it down step by step, ensuring you’re ready to elevate your gaming experience in no time.

  1. Step One: Download Brevent
  • Head to the official Brevent website or the app store of your choice to download and install the application.
  1. Step Two: Permissions Setup
  • Grant the necessary permissions to allow Brevent to work its magic effectively.
  1. Step Three: Configuration
  • Customize Brevent settings to suit your preferences and gaming habits.
  1. Step Four: Launch and Enjoy
  • Open Brevent and watch as it optimizes your phone for a gaming adventure like never before.

Key Features of Brevent for Gaming Enhancement

Brevent isn’t just a one-trick pony. It brings a host of features to the table, all geared towards supercharging your gaming sessions.

App Standby and Background Processes Control

Brevent intelligently manages background processes, ensuring that only the essential apps are active, leaving ample resources for your game to shine.

Impact on Battery Life and Overall System Performance

Worried about your battery draining mid-game? With Brevent, you can kiss those concerns goodbye. Experience extended battery life and a responsive system even during intense gaming marathons.

Benefits of Using Brevent for Gaming

The proof is in the pudding, they say. Let’s delve into the tangible benefits of incorporating Brevent into your gaming routine.

Improved Frame Rates and Graphics

Say goodbye to choppy frame rates and pixelated graphics. Brevent’s optimization prowess elevates your gaming visuals to a whole new level.

Reduced Lag and Latency During Gameplay

Ever experienced that frustrating lag just when victory was within reach? Brevent ensures minimal latency, letting you react swiftly and decisively in the gaming arena.

Comparative Analysis with Other Gaming Boost Apps

Now, you might be wondering, “What sets Brevent apart from the myriad of gaming boost apps out there?” Let’s unravel the unique aspects that make Brevent a standout choice for non-rooted phones.



In conclusion, Brevent emerges as a game-changer for non-rooted phone users seeking an enhanced gaming experience. Its robust features, coupled with user testimonials, attest to its effectiveness. Don’t just take our word for it; give Brevent a spin and level up your gaming journey today.

Dev : @HenVx0
Credits : @HenVx1
Support : Brevent And LADB

Features :

  • Kill-all activity
  • Improve Idle drain
  • Enable Fixed-performance mode
  • Disable Thermal service override
  • Disable Logs Camera
  • Game Overlay Config
  • Disable Motion Engine
  • Disable Screen Saver
  • Improve Apps Launch
  • Grapich Medium Enchanter
  • Disable Logs Drawers
  • JIT Compostion
  • Disable Msaa,Taa
  • Force Stop GMZ Doze
  • FrameRate Optimazion
  • Dexopt Background
  • Performance Tuning
  • Doze Tweaks
  • and more…

How to install?


[ Installation ]
sh /sdcard/Gaming_boost_exec/

[ Remover ]
sh /sdcard/Gaming_boost_exec/

Changelog :

Improve performance for non-root Android based phones, if you don’t like it, please just skip it

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Brevent compatible with all non-rooted phones?

Yes, Brevent is designed to work with a wide range of non-rooted phones, ensuring accessibility for most users.

Does using Brevent affect the performance of other apps?

Brevent is optimized to manage background processes without compromising the performance of other essential apps, providing a seamless user experience.

Can I customize Brevent settings for different games?

Absolutely! Brevent allows users to configure settings based on individual preferences, letting you tailor the experience for each game.

Is Brevent safe to use on my device?

Yes, Brevent prioritizes user safety. Follow the installation instructions carefully, and enjoy the benefits of optimized gaming without compromising security.

How often should I update Brevent for the latest features?

It’s recommended to regularly check for updates to ensure you have the latest features and improvements. Brevent’s developers are committed to enhancing the app’s performance continually.

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