Finally Install Modded Dialer in Custom ROMs: Android 14 Supported Magisk/KSU

Modded Dialer

In the realm of Android customization, custom ROMs stand out as a popular choice for users seeking to tailor their devices to their preferences. From enhanced performance to unique features, custom ROMs offer a plethora of benefits. However, even with the extensive customization options they provide, there’s always room for further personalization. One such aspect is the dialer, a fundamental component of any smartphone experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the process of installing a modded dialer in custom ROMs, with a focus on Android 14 compatibility, facilitated by Magisk and KernelSu.

Understanding Android 14

Android 14 represents the latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, bringing forth a host of features and improvements aimed at refining the user experience. From privacy enhancements to performance optimizations, Android 14 promises to elevate the functionality of compatible devices. Moreover, its compatibility with custom ROMs opens up new avenues for customization and innovation.

What is Magisk?

Magisk serves as a versatile tool for Android enthusiasts, offering a way to modify and customize devices without altering the system partition. By providing a systemless interface for modifications, Magisk enables users to install modules, such as custom dialers, seamlessly. Its compatibility with custom ROMs makes it an indispensable tool for enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries of customization.

What is KernelSu?

KernelSu complements Magisk by providing enhanced access to system-level functions and modifications. Acting as a root solution, KernelSu integrates seamlessly with Magisk, offering users greater control over their devices’ capabilities. With KernelSu, users can delve deeper into customization, including the modification of system components like the dialer.

Installing Modded Dialer in Custom ROMs

To install a modded dialer in a custom ROM, one must first ensure compatibility with Magisk. By downloading the appropriate Magisk module for the desired dialer modification, users can initiate the installation process through the Magisk Manager app. It’s imperative to follow the provided instructions carefully and back up essential data before proceeding to avoid any potential data loss or device instability.

Using KernelSu for Dialer Modding

KernelSu further enhances the dialer modding experience by providing additional system-level permissions and capabilities. With KernelSu integrated into the Magisk framework, users gain access to advanced customization options, allowing for deeper modifications to the dialer interface and functionality. Moreover, KernelSu’s compatibility with Android 14 ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.

Benefits of Modded Dialer

The modded dialer offers a myriad of benefits, ranging from aesthetic enhancements to improved functionality. With the ability to customize themes, layouts, and features, users can tailor their dialer experience to suit their preferences. Additionally, modded dialers often incorporate advanced functionalities not found in stock dialer apps, providing users with a unique and personalized communication experience.

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In conclusion, installing a modded dialer in custom ROMs offers users the opportunity to personalize their device experience further. With the support of tools like Magisk and KernelSu, dialer modding becomes accessible and rewarding. By understanding the process, exercising caution, and leveraging community resources, users can unlock new levels of customization while maintaining device stability and functionality.


  1. What is the difference between a custom ROM and stock ROM?
  • A custom ROM is a modified version of the Android operating system, offering enhanced customization options and features not present in the stock ROM provided by device manufacturers.
  1. Can modding the dialer void my device’s warranty?
  • Modifying system components, including the dialer, may void the device warranty. It’s essential to research and understand the implications before proceeding with any modifications.
  1. Is it safe to install Magisk and KernelSu on my device?
  • When obtained from reputable sources and installed correctly, Magisk and KernelSu are generally safe to use. However, users should exercise caution and follow instructions carefully to minimize any potential risks.
  1. How can I revert back to the original dialer if needed?
  • Users can revert to the original dialer by uninstalling the modded dialer module through the Magisk Manager app and restoring any backups made before the modification.
  1. Are there any legal implications of modding my device?
  • Modifying your device may void its warranty and could potentially violate the terms of service with the device manufacturer or carrier. It’s essential to research and understand the legal implications before proceeding with any modifications.

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