Display X Magisk Module 2024

Display X Magisk Module


Are you tired of your Android device’s visual appearance not meeting your expectations? Do you find yourself wishing for a more responsive and visually comfortable experience? Look no further than the Display-x module by FinixOS. This innovative solution is designed to enhance the visual appearance of Android devices, making them more comfortable and attractive. Let’s dive into what makes this module a game-changer.


What is the Display-x Module?

The Display-x module is a cutting-edge tool developed by FinixOS to revolutionize the way we interact with our Android devices. Its primary purpose is to optimize visual comfort and performance, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. Whether you’re scrolling through social media, playing games, or simply browsing the web, Display-x has got you covered.

Main Features of Display-x


The Display-x module comes packed with features designed to enhance both the visual and interactive aspects of your device. Let’s take a closer look at the standout features that set this module apart.

Xtreme Touch Feature

One of the most notable features of Display-x is the Xtreme Touch. This feature significantly improves the touch responsiveness of your device’s screen. Have you ever noticed a slight delay when you tap or swipe? With Xtreme Touch, those delays are a thing of the past. Your device will respond instantly to your touch, making every interaction smooth and fluid.

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Disable Blur Effect

Another remarkable feature is the ability to disable blur effects. While blur effects can add a certain aesthetic appeal, they often reduce the clarity of the display. By disabling these effects, Display-x ensures that your visuals are sharp, clear, and free from distractions. This leads to a more focused and enjoyable viewing experience.

Benefits of Using Display-x

So, what makes Display-x a must-have for Android users? Here are some key benefits:

Visual Comfort

One of the primary goals of Display-x is to enhance visual comfort. The module allows you to adjust various settings according to your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a warmer tone or sharper contrast, Display-x lets you tailor your device’s display to suit your needs, making it more comfortable for prolonged use.

Optimal Performance

With the Xtreme Touch feature, Display-x optimizes the touch responsiveness of your device. This means faster response times and smoother interactions. Whether you’re typing a message, playing a game, or navigating through apps, your device will feel more responsive and efficient.

Clear and Undistracting Visuals

By disabling blur effects, Display-x ensures that your visuals are clear and undistracting. This is particularly beneficial when watching videos, reading text, or viewing images. You can enjoy a more focused and immersive visual experience without the interference of unnecessary blur.

How Display-x Improves User Experience

Let’s explore how Display-x enhances the overall user experience.

User Comfort

Visual comfort is paramount when it comes to prolonged device use. Display-x allows you to customize the visual settings to match your preferences. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a more subdued palette, you can make adjustments that suit your comfort level, reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Enhanced Interaction

The Xtreme Touch feature takes your device’s responsiveness to the next level. Every touch, swipe, and tap feels more immediate and precise. This enhanced interaction makes using your device more enjoyable, whether you’re navigating through menus, playing games, or browsing the internet.

Customizing Visual Settings

One of the standout features of Display-x is the ability to customize visual settings. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and color temperature to create a display that is easy on the eyes. This customization ensures that you can use your device for extended periods without experiencing discomfort.

Personal Preferences

Everyone has different visual preferences, and Display-x acknowledges that. The module offers a range of settings that allow you to fine-tune your display according to your liking. Whether you prefer a warm, cool, or neutral tone, Display-x has options to suit your taste.

Optimal Performance with Xtreme Touch


Faster Response Times

The Xtreme Touch feature is all about speed and precision. It reduces the lag between your touch and the device’s response, making interactions feel instantaneous. This is particularly beneficial for gaming and other activities that require quick reflexes and accurate touch inputs.

Smoother Interactions

Smooth interactions are crucial for a satisfying user experience. With Display-x, you can expect buttery-smooth touch responses that make navigating your device a breeze. Whether you’re scrolling through your social media feed or switching between apps, everything feels more fluid and responsive.

Clear and Focused Visuals

Advantages of Disabling Blur Effects

Blur effects, while aesthetically pleasing to some, can be a distraction for others. Display-x gives you the option to disable these effects, resulting in clearer and more focused visuals. This is especially beneficial when you’re trying to read text or view detailed images.

Improved Display Quality

Disabling blur effects not only enhances clarity but also improves the overall display quality. You’ll notice sharper images, crisper text, and a more vibrant display. This makes your device more enjoyable to use, whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web.

Module Creation and Development

Background of FinixOS

FinixOS, the brains behind Display-x, is known for its excellence in developing solutions that enhance the Android user experience. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on performance, FinixOS has created a module that truly stands out in terms of visual comfort and responsiveness.

Excellence in Design and Performance

The development of Display-x reflects FinixOS’s commitment to quality and innovation. The module is designed with the user in mind, offering features that significantly improve both the visual and interactive aspects of Android devices. This dedication to excellence makes Display-x a top choice for users looking to enhance their device’s performance.

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Installation Guide

Step-by-Step Installation Process

Installing Display-x is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Get the Display-x module from the official FinixOS website or a trusted source.
  2. Ensure your device is rooted and has Magisk installed.
  3. Open the Magisk Manager app on your device.
  4. Navigate to the Modules section and tap on the “Install from Storage” option.
  5. Locate the Display-x module file and select it.
  6. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  7. Reboot your device to apply the changes.

Requirements and Compatibility

Before installing Display-x, make sure your device meets the following requirements:

  • Root access
  • Magisk installed
  • Android version compatible with Display-x



In summary, the Display-x module by FinixOS offers a range of features designed to enhance both the visual and interactive aspects of Android devices. From improving touch responsiveness with Xtreme Touch to disabling blur effects for clearer visuals, this module provides a significant upgrade to the user experience. If you’re looking to make your Android device more comfortable and responsive, Display-x is definitely worth considering.


  1. What is Display-x?
    Display-x is a module developed by FinixOS to enhance the visual appearance and touch responsiveness of Android devices.
  2. How does Xtreme Touch improve my device’s performance?
    Xtreme Touch optimizes the touch responsiveness of your device, making interactions smoother and faster.
  3. Can I customize the visual settings with Display-x?
    Yes, Display-xallows you to adjust various visual settings according to your personal preferences.
  4. Is Display-x compatible with all Android devices?
    Display-x is compatible with most Android devices, but it requires root access and Magisk installation.
  5. How do I install Display-x?
    You can install Display-x by downloading the module, opening Magisk Manager, and following the installation steps provided in the guide above.

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