Device GOD Idle Mode – Tweaks No Root

Device GOD Idle Mode

Creadit By @GSM & @ElectricMoves1


Designed to optimize the power usage of your Android device when it’s not in use. By adjusting the settings of Android’s Doze mode and the deviceidle constants, these tweaks can help reduce the battery drain when your device is idle. This means your device could potentially have a longer battery life, especially when you’re not actively using it. It’s like fine-tuning your device to consume power more efficiently during idle periods. This can be particularly beneficial if you often find your device running out of battery too quickly. Please note that the actual benefits can vary depending on your specific device model and the apps you have installed. “

How To Setup Easily?

  1. First Download The File
  2. Extract It On Your Internal Storage
    3.Install Any Shell Executer App On Your Android – Ex: Brevent

Brevent: Setup the brevent app then use this for execute it:

sh /storage/emulated/0/GSM/

Uninstalling: Contact The Developer


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