Color OS Optimizer Flash via Brevent | Root & No-Root

Color OS Optimizer

Color Os optimizer
•Dev @reljawa
•version 4.0-Final



In the fast-evolving world of mobile technology, smartphone users are continually seeking ways to enhance their device’s performance. Color OS, known for its vibrant interface and features, is a popular choice among Android users. This article explores the optimization of Color OS through the innovative method of flashing via Brevent, all achieved without the need for root access.

Understanding Color OS Optimizer

Color OS comes equipped with an optimizer designed to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the operating system. This feature ensures that your smartphone runs smoothly, with applications performing optimally. However, users often seek ways to further enhance this optimization process.

Benefits of Color OS Optimization

Before delving into the flashing process, let’s explore the advantages of optimizing Color OS. From improved battery life to enhanced app performance, Color OS optimization is a crucial aspect of maintaining a seamless user experience.

Flashing Color OS via Brevent

Flashing Color OS through Brevent introduces a unique approach to optimization. Brevent, a third-party app, plays a pivotal role in this process, offering users the ability to customize and fine-tune their Color OS settings.

The Brevent App: An Overview

To fully grasp the flashing process, it’s essential to understand the capabilities of the Brevent app. This section provides an overview of Brevent’s features and functionalities, highlighting its significance in the optimization journey.

Steps to Flash Color OS using Brevent

For users eager to explore the benefits of optimized Color OS without rooting their devices, this section provides a step-by-step guide on flashing Color OS via Brevent. Clear and concise instructions ensure a hassle-free optimization experience.

Importance of Flashing Without Root


Rooting a device can be a daunting prospect for many users due to concerns about warranty voids and potential security risks. Here, we discuss the significance of flashing.


Color Os optimizer
•Dev @reljawa
•version 1.0

-mengoptimalkan kinerja system
-boost fps
-meningkatkan kinerja untuk kebutuhan game
-mematikan device limit
-disable screensaver
-refresh rate level
-disble power check for cpu

Install Location
Install for non root
install: sh /sdcard/Coloros_optimizer/

uinstall: sh /sdcard/Coloros_optimizer/
For root install in magisk or KernelSU

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