Cache Killer Magisk Module New 2024

Cache Killer Magisk Module

Device’s Performance

In today’s fast-paced digital world, we rely heavily on our smartphones to carry out various tasks, from sending emails to playing games. However, as we use our Android devices, an invisible, resource-hungry monster often lurks beneath the surface, consuming precious system resources. This article will introduce you to the “Cache Killer Module” and how it can significantly enhance your Android device’s performance.

Understanding the Importance of Cache Management

Cache, in the context of Android devices, refers to temporary storage where data is kept for quick retrieval. While cache can significantly speed up app loading and overall performance, excessive or mismanaged cache can have the opposite effect, slowing down your device and consuming storage space.

What Is Magisk?

Magisk is a powerful and popular tool in the Android community. It serves as a systemless interface to manage the root permissions on your device. This means you can enjoy root access without tampering with your device’s core system files.

The Power of Magisk Modules

Magisk Modules are add-ons that can be installed via Magisk Manager. They allow users to enhance their Android experience by adding new features or modifying existing ones without making permanent changes to the device’s system partition.

Cache: Friend or Foe?

While cache is essential for your device’s smooth operation, it can become a hindrance when it accumulates excessively. Over time, cached data may lead to lag, reduced storage space, and decreased performance.

Introducing the Cache Killer

The Cache Killer Module is a game-changer for Android users. It is designed to tackle cache-related issues head-on, ensuring that your device operates at its peak performance at all times.

How Does It Work?

This module works by periodically identifying and clearing out unnecessary cache data, optimizing your device’s performance without requiring manual intervention.

Installation Guide

To enjoy the benefits of the Cache Killer Module, follow these steps:
Download and install Magisk Manager if you haven’t already.
Launch Magisk Manager and go to the “Downloads” section.
Search for “Cache Killer” and tap the download icon.
Reboot your device when prompted.

Benefits of Using Cache Killer

Improved device responsiveness.
More available storage space.
Faster app loading times.
Reduced system lag.
Better gaming performance.


Dev: @ZxyonQiy
Version: 1.5
Credit: @RiProG
Support: Exec Magisk and KernelSU
give more space internally by using cache killer AI, which will delete cache and code_cache in apk data automatically and repeat it every time in the log…
• Automatic detected Cache in Directory
• Killer Cache In Directory
• Killer Cache Code In Directory
• Remove Cache All APP
• added log in Android


• Killer Cache Mode automatic after 31 seconds
• This new project may have some bugs please report any bugs
• Check log in /sdcard/Android/CacheKiller-AI.log
• this module not Encrypt
• GitHub download this module

Real-World Performance Gains

To truly understand the Cache Killer Magisk Module’s impact, let’s look at some real-world scenarios. Users have reported significant improvements in device speed, especially for older models. This module can breathe new life into your aging Android device.

Compatibility and System Requirements

The Cache Killer Magisk is compatible with a wide range of Android devices. To use it, you need:
A rooted Android device with Magisk installed.
Magisk Manager for easy module installation.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

In case you encounter any problems or issues while using the Cache Killer, here are some common solutions:
Ensure you have Magisk installed.
Check for module updates.
Reboot your device.
Clear cache and data of the Magisk Manager app.


In the world of Android, the Cache Killer Magisk Module emerges as a knight in shining armor, rescuing your device from the clutches of cache-induced sluggishness. With a simple installation process, it offers a quick and effective solution to optimize your device’s performance.

Don’t let your Android device slow down; take control and enhance its performance with the Cache Killer Magisk Module. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a smoother, faster experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is rooting my device necessary to use the Cache Killer Magisk Module?
A1: Yes, this module requires a rooted device with Magisk.
Q2: Will using this module void my device’s warranty?
A2: Rooting and using Magisk Modules can potentially void your warranty. Please proceed with caution.
Q3: How often does the Cache Killer Module clear cache data?
A3: The module typically clears cache data at regular intervals to maintain optimal performance.
Q4: Can I uninstall the Cache Killer Module if I don’t like the results?
A4: Yes, you can easily uninstall the module through Magisk Manager.
Q5: Is this module safe for my device?
A5: When used as directed, the Cache Killer Module is safe for your device. However, as with any system modifications, there are risks involved. Always back up your data and proceed with caution.

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