BGMI FPS Booster And Lag Fix Gaming Tweaks Install Via Brevent [NO-ROOT]

In the realm of mobile gaming, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has emerged as one of the most popular titles, captivating millions of players worldwide. However, like any online game, BGMI is not without its issues. One of the most common complaints among players is the presence of FPS drops and lag, which can significantly impact gameplay experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of BGMI FPS boosting and lag fixing, focusing on a non-root solution using an app called Brevent.


Introduction to BGMI FPS Booster and Lag Fix

Before diving into the solutions, it’s crucial to understand what FPS and lag are and how they affect gaming performance. FPS, or Frames Per Second, refers to the number of frames rendered by the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) per second. Higher FPS results in smoother gameplay, while lower FPS can lead to stuttering and lag.

Lag, on the other hand, is a delay between the player’s input and the game’s response, often caused by network issues or hardware limitations. In BGMI, lag can manifest as stuttering, freezing, or sudden drops in FPS, ultimately disrupting the gaming experience.

To address these performance issues in BGMI, players often turn to FPS booster apps and lag-fixing solutions. One such tool gaining popularity is Brevent, a non-root app that helps optimize background processes and improve overall system performance.

What is Brevent and How Does It Work?

Brevent is a powerful utility app designed to prevent background apps from running when the screen is off or in the background. By hibernating unnecessary processes, Brevent reduces CPU usage and RAM consumption, resulting in smoother performance and extended battery life.

Benefits of Using Brevent for BGMI

When applied to BGMI, Brevent can provide several benefits, including:

  • Improved FPS: By reducing background processes, Brevent ensures that more resources are allocated to BGMI, resulting in higher and more stable FPS.
  • Reduced Lag: With fewer apps running in the background, there is less strain on the device’s CPU and RAM, minimizing lag and stuttering during gameplay.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: By optimizing system resources, Brevent can help prolong battery life, allowing for longer gaming sessions without interruptions.

How to Install the module (No Root Required)


Installing Brevent for BGMI is a straightforward process that doesn’t require rooting your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Get Brevent: Navigate to the Google Play Store and the Brevent app.
  2. Enable Developer Options: Go to your device’s Settings, then About Phone, and tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options.
  3. Enable USB Debugging: In Developer Options, enable USB debugging.
  4. Connect Your Device to Your Computer: Connect your device to your computer via USB cable.
  5. Grant Permissions: When prompted on your device, grant USB debugging permissions to your computer.
  6. Install Brevent via ADB: Open a command prompt on your computer and enter the ADB command to install Brevent on your device.

Once installed, you can configure Brevent to optimize background processes for BGMI specifically, ensuring smoother gameplay and better performance.

Get Link and installl

1 ] Get and Extract The File.
2 ] Copy Paste ”FPS” Folder in Internal Storage
3] Open Brevent,Ladb,Qute App.

✅ Command Bgmi Only –
sh /sdcard/FPS/

✅ Restart Device

Optimizing BGMI Settings for Better Performance

In addition to using Brevent, optimizing BGMI’s in-game settings can further enhance performance. Consider adjusting graphics settings, disabling unnecessary features, and clearing cache regularly to keep the game running smoothly.

Testing Your FPS Boost and Lag Fix


After applying Brevent and tweaking BGMI settings, it’s essential to test the changes to ensure they’ve had the desired effect. Monitor FPS during gameplay and observe for any reduction in lag or stuttering.

Additional Tips for Improving BGMI Performance

Beyond Brevent and in-game settings optimization, there are several other steps you can take to improve BGMI performance:

  • Keep your device updated with the latest firmware and security patches.
  • Close background apps before launching BGMI to free up resources.
  • Use a stable internet connection to minimize network-related lag.
  • Consider investing in a gaming-friendly device with high-performance hardware.

By following these tips and utilizing tools like Brevent, you can enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience in BGMI.


In conclusion, FPS drops and lag can significantly detract from the gaming experience in BGMI. However, by leveraging tools like Brevent and optimizing in-game settings, players can mitigate these issues and enjoy smoother, more responsive gameplay. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive gamer, implementing these tweaks can make a noticeable difference in your BGMI experience.


  1. Does Brevent require root access to work?
  • No, Brevent does not require root access. It can be installed and used on non-rooted devices.
  1. Will using Brevent violate BGMI’s terms of service?
  • No, using Brevent does not violate BGMI’s terms of service as it does not modify the game or provide unfair advantages to players.
  1. Can Brevent improve performance in other games besides BGMI?
  • Yes, Brevent can help improve performance in other Android games and applications by optimizing background processes.
  1. Is there a risk of damaging my device by using Brevent?
  • No, Brevent is a safe and reputable app used by millions of Android users worldwide. However, as with any software, it’s essential to it from trusted sources.
  1. Do I need to configure Brevent for each game individually?
  • While Brevent can be configured for specific apps, it also provides global optimization settings that apply to all applications, including BGMI.

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