Best PUBG Mobile Config 3.2 Aim Assist, Magic Bullet & High Damage [NO BAN]

PUBG Mobile Config


Gaming has evolved from a casual pastime to a competitive endeavor, and nowhere is this more evident than in PUBG Mobile. Optimizing your game settings can make the difference between victory and defeat. This article will guide you through the best PUBG Mobile configurations to ensure aim assist, less recoil, and smooth gameplay without the risk of getting banned.

Understanding PUBG Mobile Mechanics

Before diving into configurations, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of PUBG Mobile. The game revolves around strategy, precision, and quick reflexes. Key aspects like aim assist and recoil control play crucial roles in enhancing your performance.

Why Configurations Matter

The right configurations can significantly impact your gameplay. They not only improve your accuracy and control but also provide a smoother gaming experience. This ensures that you can focus on your strategy and execution without technical hindrances.

Aim Assist

Definition and Benefits

Aim assist is a feature designed to help players target enemies more accurately. It slightly adjusts your aim to keep your crosshair on the target, making it easier to hit moving opponents.

How to Enable and Optimize Aim Assist

To enable aim assist, go to your game settings and navigate to the “Basic” tab. Here, you can turn on aim assist. For optimal performance, combine it with a sensitivity setting that matches your playstyle. Experiment with different levels to find what works best for you.

Less Recoil

Importance of Recoil Management

Recoil refers to the backward movement of your weapon when fired. Managing recoil is crucial for maintaining accuracy during sustained fire. Without proper control, your shots can become wildly inaccurate.

Techniques for Reducing Recoil

  1. Grip Attachments: Use vertical grips or angled grips to reduce recoil.
  2. Crouch or Prone: These positions naturally reduce recoil.
  3. Burst Fire: Instead of holding the trigger, fire in short bursts to maintain control.
  4. Sensitivity Settings: Adjust your sensitivity settings to find a balance that minimizes recoil.

Smooth Gaming Experience

Factors Affecting Game Smoothness

A smooth gaming experience depends on several factors, including device performance, network stability, and in-game settings. Lag and frame drops can severely affect gameplay.

Settings for a Seamless Experience

  1. Graphics Settings: Lower your graphics settings if your device struggles to maintain a stable frame rate.
  2. Network: Ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  3. Device Maintenance: Regularly clear your device cache and close background apps to free up RAM.

Magic Bullet

What is a Magic Bullet?

A magic bullet is a controversial term often associated with cheats that make every shot hit the target. However, in this context, we refer to legitimate settings that enhance your bullet accuracy without cheating.

Safety and Effectiveness

Using settings that legitimately improve bullet accuracy, such as aim assist and proper sensitivity adjustments, ensures you stay within the game’s rules and avoid bans.

High Damage

Strategies for Maximizing Damage

  1. Headshots: Aim for the head to deal maximum damage.
  2. Weapon Choice: Choose weapons with higher damage stats.
  3. Attachments: Use muzzle and barrel attachments to increase stability and damage.

Recommended Settings and Tips

Adjust your sensitivity settings to improve precision, especially for sniping. Practice aiming for critical spots to maximize your damage output.

Bullet Track

Understanding Bullet Trajectory

Bullet trajectory refers to the path a bullet takes once fired. Understanding this helps in predicting and adjusting your aim for moving targets.

Improving Accuracy with Bullet Track

Use scopes to better visualize and adjust for bullet drop. Practice leading your shots for moving targets to improve your hit rate.

Hitbox Adjustments

What are Hitboxes?

Hitboxes are invisible boxes that determine where a character can be hit. Optimizing your understanding of hitboxes can improve your aiming accuracy.

Adjusting Hitboxes for Better Gameplay

While you can’t change hitboxes in the game, understanding their location helps you aim better. Aim for the center of mass or head for the most effective shots.

Safety and Legitimacy

Ensuring Configurations are Ban-Free

Always use in-game settings and avoid third-party apps or mods that promise unfair advantages. Sticking to legitimate configurations ensures you stay within the game’s terms of service.

Avoiding Cheats and Maintaining Fair Play

Cheating not only risks your account but also ruins the game for others. Focus on improving your skills and using legitimate methods to enhance your gameplay.

Step-by-Step Configuration Guide

  1. Extract The Config
  2. After Extract Select Colour Style
  3. Then Copy”Files” Folder
  4. Then Go To
  5. Internal Storage
  6. Android
  7. Data
  8. or com.pubg.imobile
  9. Files [Past here]
  10. Thats All Now Open Your Game And Enjoy

Copy Paste Tutorial Android 11+

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Optimizing your PUBG Mobile settings for aim assist, less recoil, and smooth gaming can transform your experience. These configurations not only improve your performance but also ensure you play fair and avoid bans. Try these settings, practice regularly, and watch your gameplay elevate to new heights.


  1. Can these configurations get me banned?
  • No, as long as you stick to in-game settings and avoid third-party apps, you are safe from bans.
  1. What is the best sensitivity setting for aim assist?
  • It varies per player, but starting with medium sensitivity and adjusting based on comfort works for most.
  1. How do I reduce lag in PUBG Mobile?
  • Lower your graphics settings, close background apps, and ensure a stable internet connection.
  1. Is using a gyroscope necessary?
  • It’s not necessary but can greatly enhance aim precision if used correctly.
  1. What are the best attachments for reducing recoil?
  • Vertical grips, compensators, and tactical stocks are highly effective in reducing recoil.

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