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Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk
Are you an avid mobile gamer looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? Do you want to optimize your device’s performance for a competitive edge in the world of mobile esports? Look no further! The Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module is here to revolutionize the way you game on your Android device. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the realm of the Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module, exploring its features, benefits, and the process of installing it on your device.

1. Introduction to the Tsukasa E-Sport

The Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module is a game-changing tool designed specifically for mobile gamers who are serious about achieving peak gaming performance on their Android devices. It leverages the power of Magisk to optimize various aspects of your device for an unparalleled gaming experience.

2. What is Magisk Module?

Magisk modules provide an avenue for customizing and enhancing your rooted Android device without modifying core system files. For gamers, this means the ability to fine-tune their devices to extract maximum performance during gaming sessions.

3. Unleashing Gaming Performance with Tsukasa E-Sport

Mobile esports demand precision and responsiveness. The Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module fine-tunes your device to ensure you’re not held back by unnecessary resource drains or interruptions during critical gaming moments.

4. Advantages of the Tsukasa E-Sport Module

4.1 Boosting CPU Performance

The Tsukasa E-Sport Module intelligently optimizes CPU performance, ensuring that your device dedicates its processing power to delivering a seamless gaming experience.

4.2 Optimizing GPU for Gaming

Graphics are crucial in gaming, and this module optimizes your GPU settings to provide smoother frame rates and enhanced visual quality.

4.3 Reducing Background Interruptions

Gaming requires focus, and the Tsukasa E-Sport Module helps by minimizing background interruptions, ensuring that notifications and other processes don’t disturb your gameplay.

5. Step-by-Step Guide to Install the Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module

Installing the Tsukasa E-Sport Module is straightforward:
1. Ensure your device is rooted using Magisk.
2. Download the Tsukasa E-Sport Module from a link source.
3. Launch Magisk Manager and navigate to the Modules section.
4. Tap the “+” icon and select the downloaded module for installation.
5. Reboot your device to activate the changes.

6. Fine-Tuning Settings for Your Gaming Style

After installation, take the time to explore the module’s settings. Adjust CPU and GPU parameters to match your gaming preferences and device capabilities.

7. Real User Success Stories and Feedback

Gamers who have incorporated the Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module into their Android devices have reported significant improvements in gaming performance, including smoother gameplay, reduced lag, and overall enhanced responsiveness.

8. Comparing Tsukasa E-Sport with Other Gaming Enhancement Solutions

While other gaming enhancement solutions exist, the Tsukasa E-Sport Module stands out due to its specialized focus on optimizing both CPU and GPU performance, offering a comprehensive package for gamers.


The Tsukasa E-Sport Magisk Module is a gamer’s ally, empowering you to harness the full potential of your Android device for gaming excellence. With optimized CPU and GPU performance, interruptions minimized, and gameplay responsiveness elevated, you’ll be primed for victory in the competitive world of mobile esports. However, remember that the journey of customization should be approached with care, considering the security of your device. Dive into the world of enhanced gaming with the Tsukasa E-Sport Module and enjoy a new level of gaming precision and thrill.


10. Features & Updated:

-Hwui tweak’s
Cpu and Gpu booster
Fps Optimazation
-Mengatur cpu core min menjadi 5
-Memperbaiki kesalahan baca sistem  didalam service sh
-Cpu and Gpu boost Optimazation
-Sched I/O
-Gpu min and max clock
-KGSLDIR min and max clock
-Max cpu freq
-Cpu capacity
-Cpu Package
-Scaling Cpufreq Top-app biar g terlalu panas buat daily
-Scaling Cpufreq policy0-7
-Cpufreq all cpu perf boost
-Cpufreq all hysteresis max
-Windows up perf
-Gpu Grafis
-Control CPU kernel
-Foreground Cpu Optimazation
-management app
-fake device
-force tweak
-kernel printk
-kernel panic
-drop chaces
-Core cpu
Bukan module All in one
Dev : @HenVx0
Credits : @RiProG
– Includes Smooth GUI
– Smooth Scroll
– Props Tweaks Smooth
– UI Smooth

11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is rooting my device necessary for the Tsukasa E-Sport Module?
A1: Yes, the module requires a rooted device with Magisk.
Q2: Can I revert the changes if I’m not satisfied with the module’s impact?
A2: Yes, you can uninstall the module through the Magisk Manager.
Q3: Will using the Tsukasa E-Sport Module void my device’s warranty?
A3: Rooting your device and using modules might void your warranty. Be cautious and informed.
Q4: Is the Tsukasa E-Sport Module safe for my device?
A4: When sourced from trustworthy providers, the module is generally safe. Exercise caution and do thorough research.
Q5: Can I share my optimized gaming settings with others?
A5: Yes, you can export and share your settings to help fellow gamers optimize their experiences.

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